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Vivian Vanderpuss

Victoria, BC

She's the jazz hands to your spirit fingers, the indigestion to your all-you-can-eat buffet and the "Oi what did I step on" to that gum you just stepped on. If Camp was a topping at Subway she'd ask "Um… a little more please?" Vivian Vanderpuss is Victoria's premiere quirky cat mother and solution to the rat problem, creating vintage classic shows, modern mixes and unforgettable comedy performances, all home-brewed in the world of Vanderpuss. Having taken the Victoria drag scene by storm 7 years ago, Vivian is now ready to show the world the time of their ‘nine lives’, on a global stage! Watch out Season 3 of Canada’s Drag Race – Vivian Vanderpuss is coming to claw her way to the top! 





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