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Juice Boxx


Drag Queen and hair-flipping extraordinaire Juice Boxx is small, sparkly, and adorable, with a sexy twist. 

Her witty hosting style perfectly balances her fun and flirty performances, that serves a blend of top 40s pop princess and enticing burlesque vixen. Juice began her career in the fast-paced drag scene of Toronto, where she excelled for years before being cast on the first season of Canada’s Drag Race!

Along with the stage, Juice Boxx spends much of her time streaming on Twitch. She has collaborated with companies like Dead by Daylight, McDonald’s and It Gets Better for a variety of different online events and sponsorships.

Although her status as “Canada’s Porkchop” (or first eliminated) on the show cut her time short, her cute and quirky personality won viewers over as she tripped, snagged, and fell her way to becoming a fan-favourite





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